California - About

The Modern Whig Party of California is working for real and viable change to political and social business as usual. While the “two parties” continue to move to and be driven by their wings, and become increasingly incapable of collaborative governance at all levels, the MWP works to unite and organize all those stuck in the middle.

Sensible and pragmatic people in the middle (moderates, centrists, leaners, independents, apoliticals, the disenfranchised, and the disgusted), still willing to work for cooperative and reasonable solutions over ideology and party/platform-first politics, will bring the conversation and the effort back to the middle and reverse the current adversarial, us-versus-them course we continue to be dragged down.

California Whigs are not looking for or waiting for the magic candidate or issue that many hope will turn things around. Within the dysfunction of the “two party system,” these don’t exist.

Instead, California Whigs are building a state organization and a network of like-minded candidates and local chapters to work collectively to make real change at all levels and show that there is a better way to do things. The large numbers in the middle, unified and outweighing both of the wings combined, will return true representative and collaborative government to the people and make positive change for the greatest number of citizens, instead of for a relatively small number of zealots and special interests.